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Nor'easter Main Tournament

Downloadable Resources
Main Tourney Errata (.docx)
Main Tourney Errata (.pdf)

To pre-register for the main tournament, simply select that option when you Register. If you want to play in the Friday mini, check that option too - Those scenarios will be used instead of the first two sets here.

Round #1: Friday 10:00am-4:00pm
IDScenario NameScan
BFP-118Kazina KlashBFP 118 Kazina Klash
BFP-147The Commissar’s FollyBFP 147 The Commissar's Folly
DB124Death on The Esimeer StrasseDB124 Death On The Esimeer Strasse
O1Go Big Or Go HomeO1 Go Big Or Go Home
YASL9Rack Em’ UpYASL 9 Rack 'Em Up
Round #2: Friday 5:00pm-Till you drop
IDScenario NameScan
BFP48Ninth TanksBFP 48 Ninth Tanks
Buck10Buckeye BlitzkriegBuck10 Buckeye Blitzkrieg
ESG-116Tornado Of SoulsESG116 Tornado of Souls


  • the image of a 38(t)A Czech tank is shown, but the description calls for 2 35(t). Two 38(t)A is correct.
FrF82Riders On The StormFrF82 Riders On The Storm
J165Among The DeadJ165 Among The Dead
Round #3: Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm
IDScenario NameScan
AP116Mook PointAP116 Mook Point
BFP105The Winter CityBFP 105 The Winter City
J174Heart Of AthenaJ174 Heart Of Athena
OstFront 2, Storm, Five,Five, FiveOst Front 2 Storm,Five,Five,Five
YASL11Ja BixYASL 11 Ja Bix
Round #4: Saturday 5:00pm-Until you drop
IDScenario NameScan
DB113Fontenay By DayDB113 Fontenay By Day
DB130Tigers And FlamesDB130 Tigers and Flames
FB16Crossing The Bloody MeadowFB16 Crossing The Bloody Meadow
YASL7Making A Break For ItYASL 7 Making A Break For It
YASL10Dropping TopsideYASL 10 Dropping Topside
Round #5: Sunday 9:00am-6:00pm
IDScenario NameScan
BFP101Panzer SpiritBFP101 Panzer Spirit
DB092The Streets Of KharkovDB092 -- The Streets Of Kharkov
J167Hart AttackJ167 Hart Attack
RPT085Choiseul FewRPT085 Choiseul Few
SP231Galician PersuasionSP231 Galician Persuasion

Additional Information

Adjudication for late running games are always possible. For night rounds, players who are both undefeated, or a "spoiler game" where one player is undefeated and the other has only one loss, will have their games adjudicated if running late, unless both players agree to play on. If they opt to play on, it is with the understanding the scenario will need to be done by the start of the next round. If both players do not have undefeated records, the players can agree to play on or not at their discretion. If a decision is made not to play on, then the scenrio will be adjudicated. NOTE IN ALL CASES THE ABOVE PROVISIONS OF 2), ONLY APPLY TO CAMES RUNNING OVER THE TIME LIMIT.

Abbreviations for Scenario Sources

AP = Action Pack
ASLB1= Battles Magazine
ASLOK= ASLOK 20th Pack
ASLUG= ASL Union of Gamers
BC= Break Contact
BoF= Best of Friends
DB= Dispatches from the Bunker
ESG= East Side Gamers
FT= Le Franc-Tireur
FrF= Friendly Fire
G= General Magazine
HOW= Hell on Wheels pack
J= ASL Journal
News= ASL News
MLR= Maple Leaf Rout Pack
MP= Melee Pack
OB= Out of the Bunker
PA= Panzer Aces (Lone Canuck)
RIII= Retro Pack III
RP= Retro Pack
RTP= Rally Point
SP= Schwerpunkt
STL= St. Louis ASL Club