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Dispatches from the Bunker #50 transmitted today 10/5/2020 & new price schedule.

Hello to all of my ASL Comrades.

Dispatches from the Bunker #50 has just been transmitted after much VASL playtesting and working around the pandemic.

My newer and current physical and mailing address is below and I have a new game room that I sure hope to see much ASL action in once the pandemic is under control. Needless to say all my ASL Comrades will be welcome here with a little notice when the time is right.

As for the newsletter, Special Issue #50 will see a modest price increase for the first time since I started publishing in 1997, something we do need as I am disabled and will be permanently retired this year (as long as I can avoid getting very sick from the virus), thus I am on a fixed income now.

Dispatches is publishes twice a year in the Spring and Fall, at least 12 pages and often 20+ with 2 to 4 scenarios and already 2 HASLs (Guadalcanal and Rees). We have articles on all aspects of ASL play and looks at regional ASL play and tournament action. If you are old school, send a check of money order made out to Vic Provost (NOT the newsletter) to:

Vic Provost
Dispatches from the Bunker
20 King St
Pittsfield MA 01201


Send your USA Funds $ via PayPal to:


here are those new and now current prices:

4 Issue PDF Subscription:
New Subscriber - $20.00
Re-subscription - $18.00

WORKs Order (4 Issue Subscription + All 49 Back Issues, includes 53 Issues all together, 2 HASLs (Guadalcanal and Rees) and over 130 scenarios, is now $75.00

ALL 50 Issues already published in pdf - $60.00

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at aslbunker@aol.com.

Thanks for your interest and support, your ASL Comrade, Vic.

P.S. All occupants of the Bunker Location are considered Fanatic.